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Minouk Gerits. 

Craftmenships have always had my appeal, creating beautiful things by hand is most satisfying. 

With a creative look on the world I've started a wigmakers course in 2018 at Sylvie Takke, Atelier Het Pruykenhuys in Rijsbergen. 

I can offer: wig repairs and maintenance, creating wig foundations, mustaches and beards. 

Open in recieving hairdonations. 

The name MG Periwigs is a combination of my initials and the old English word for wig, periwig. The word derives from the French word perruque and was eventually shortened to wig, as we know it today.




Wig repairs 


A damaged wig? Or do you want to have bald spots retouched?
I understand that you can't do without your wig for a long amount of time and wil try my best to work as quick as possible. All type of repairs to wigs I carry out myself.

Please note: the above is especially true for wigs made of human hair.
To give you my best service I would like to see the wig first.
You can send your wig (registered post), but before shipment please contact me by phone or e-mail about your specific needs. Or you can make an appointment to visit my office. 
Only after I've seen the wig, I can make a price quote and time indication.

Repairs include:

- retouching, knotting (extra) hair 

- sew on PU/clips to the wig

- wig cleaning/ maintenance 

- renew the elastic 

- renew the front-lace 

- etc. 


Are you ready for a short hairstyle? Don’t let your long locks disappear in the garbage, but earn your haircut back right away!
Sending me a picture of your locks won’t be of any value. I can offer you a price when I’ve checked it at my workplace.

What I’m looking for:

-       Long hair, the length after clipping counted from head to point must be at least 35 + cm, but preferably longer. Short tails (20/25/35-cm) are welcome. Though customers often demand for long haired wigs.

Please, keep in mind that from your tail a small tip is cut on both sides, that’s why it needs to be longer than 35 cm when offered.

-       Mainly natural colors, preferably the pure original color of the hair, without bleaching or dye, all colors and tones are welcome provided that they are healthy and comply with the length of 35 cm (also grey and extreme colors) as well as all structures (smooth, curl, moving etc.)

-       The cut off tail should be neatly braided or tightly tied with an elastic band.


You can send your tail with the regular mail (put your tail tidy in a sealed plastic bag in an envelope).




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Frequently asked question's :

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